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--Legal in all 50 States--


Full Spectrum Whole Food Product

Discover the benefits of CBDOil


CBDOil has been "discovered" in our modern time as a plant-based whole food which brings benefits to our health in many ways. In reality the cannabis plant has been cultivated alongside other edible vegetables and fruits for millennia, and is being researched today to bring relief to many of our 21st Century complaints. Many find relief from anxieties; spasms, tremors and twitches; nervous tension; illness and inflammation with daily doses of CBDOil. All our CBDOil at Wrap Me Day Spa is below the legal limit of 0.03% THC, and is a CO2 Cold-processed, full-spectrum whole foods product; available in both capsules and tinctures in 5 different strengths.


Not habit-forming, not a chemical or factory-synthesized medication and no prescription required, CBDOil is a food, useful to supplement and support your healthy lifestyle choices. 



CBDOil has been used for relief from seizures, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, insomnia, tremors, auto-immune illnesses, inflammatory disease processes in the body; as an anti-aging, health and endurance-building support--to name a few general applications
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