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Balance Me! Energy Session

A new service being offered by Wrap Me Day Spa is Balance Me! where static magnets of medium intensity are placed in pairs on your body to bring balance to your biomagnetic energy, which is unique to each person. Feeling out of balance? Not yourself and in need of some restorative spa time? Consider a 2-hour Balance Me! Session to restore, reset and re-balance our bodies naturally.
Our bodies seek homeostasis or good health, which some refer to as Normal Healthy Limits. With our body temperature, for example, we always naturally seek to stay in a safe range, somewhere around 98.6. When we get out of range high, we are sick with a fever; when we get out of range low, we can be in danger of hypothermia. Our pH is the same, we have a range that is normal: 7.0 plus or minus 0.3, which is neutral, the same pH as water. When we get out of range high, or acidic, it is a sign of ill health. And when we get out of range low, we are alkaline, and again, it’s a sign of illness. The application of magnets to strategic points on your body to supply your personal, individualized needs can help to bring your body back into proper balance with this specialized spa service. 
BioMagnetic Pairs Therapy Healing Energizing Balancing
This gentle balancing correction enjoyed while you lay fully clothed, face-up on a comfortable massage table is all it takes for some people to feel amazing results. The magnets will be on your body for a minimum of 25 minutes, and no two Balance Me! treatments are ever alike. You lay with your feet extending beyond the end of the massage table, and your leg length is checked both to begin the session and as the spa session progresses, to confirm the placement of the magnets. These are static magnets, not electromagnets, sized about the diameter of a quarter, up to the size of the palm of your hand. At no time is any discomfort experienced, rather most patrons enter a state of deep relaxation and some even go to sleep while letting the magnets do their work. 
BioMagnetic Pairs Therapy Earth's Magnetic Fields and Poles

How did this idea of using magnets to bring energizing benefits and relaxation to our bodies originate? It was in the 1970’s when astronauts left the earth for the first time and returned with changes in their body, such as having one leg shorter than the other, that this phenomena was explored. At first it was theorized that having left the Earth’s gravitational field resulted in these changes in the astronauts’ bodies, but eventually it was concluded it was their leaving the Earth’s biomagnetic field that ultimately resulted in these changes. Further research and development of these ideas led to the creation of the BioMagnetic Pairs sessions and treatments.

Your customized BioMagnetic Pairs Spa Session includes an initial

Hartman Lines BioMagnetic Pairs Therapy Earth's Polarity and BioMagnetic Field

consultation where you can get all your questions answered about this innovative treatment and how best to benefit from it. Instructions are included for your personal needs and care after your session, and I am always available by phone or text both before and after your appointment to answer any questions or concerns you might have. It’s important to note that BioMagnetic Pairs don’t heal you and I don’t heal you, but the body is able to heal itself, or seek optimal Normal Healthy Operating Limits as it receives support from holistic treatments such as this natural Balance Me! Spa Session. 

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