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Herbal Body Wraps 

Wrap Me Day Spa is Lexington’s premier location for herbal cream body wraps providing detoxification, contouring and slimming benefits.


Who gets body wraps? Those interested in feeling and looking their best. Not a temporary water-weight-loss sweat wrap, which can leave your skin and body dehydrated, an herbal cream body wrap leaves you with silky soft skin and a tightened and toned appearance. 

Your body wrap treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation; taking measurements is available for before/after comparison purposes; then the herbal contouring cream is applied, and it takes about 20 minutes to get you wrapped. You are in the cream for an hour, so

M'lis herbal contouring body wrap, reduce cellulite, lose inches, hydrate skin

for the remaining 40 minutes you get to rest comfortably on the massage table, letting some relaxing spa music take you to a better place for your moment of peaceful bliss. Our body wraps run $115 individually or may be purchased as a pre-paid package of three for $320. These never expire, are fully transferable, and a package can even be shared with a friend, coming in together for some rewarding spa time. 

Most people find it very relaxing and comforting to be wrapped in a warming herbal cream, featuring the essential oils of either cassia wood (cinnamon). The pure and natural formula of the contouring cream, unchanged for 35 years, yields results that are both immediate and long-lasting. 


Even days after you shower off the contouring cream, your skin retains that silky soft texture that comes from this intense hydration spa treatment. Most people find the inch-loss results they get with an herbal cream body wrap prove encouraging to them to keep on track with their healthy lifestyle. Detox body wraps work from the outside in, and Herbal Detoxification Kits work from the inside out in conjunction with the wrap. 

For those interested in an intense hydrating body wrap experience, we also offer an herbal body wrap cream featuring botanical extracts and beeswax for deep-penetrating skin rejuvenation. Seeking a deeper level of relaxation? CBDOil can be added to this body wrap treatment for an additional charge. Allow two hours appointment time for this spa treatment.

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