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PEMF Stone Mat Session

What’s all the buzz about heated stone BioMats incorporating beautiful gemstones like amethyst, jade and tourmaline? Asia has utilized these natural elements in healing for millennia and now garnering attention here in America. What makes these stones so special? How can a heated gemstone BioMat help you to relax, de-stress and feel your best?

According to traditional Chinese culture, jade is believed to provide a cozy, comfortable feeling, excellent for recuperation from chills or flu in the Winter while also providing coolness and relaxation in the Summer, when used without electricity. Because of its composition, jade emits negative ions when heated and far infrared energy which penetrates as deep as 5-5 1/2” into the body. This produces benefits from the skin’s surface down to the level of joints, bones and muscle; bringing relief for symptoms like stiffness and soreness, poor circulation and chronic pain. Jade is an efficient absorber of natural infrared heat and passes it along to the body gently and smoothly. And since negative ionization happens quickly with heated jade BioMats, daily 20- to 30-minute sessions may be enough to produce immediate results.

Tourmaline is another popular mineral used in stone BioMats due to its piezoelectric nature. When heated, tourmaline produces an electrical potential (different electrical charges at opposite ends) as well as negative ions. And just like jade, when heated it emits far infrared radiation which penetrates deep into the body. In traditional Chinese culture, tourmaline is said to benefit those suffering from insomnia, sluggish lymphatic flow and a suppressed immune or endocrine system. Used regularly, it is promoted to stimulate regeneration throughout the body, bringing wellness and detoxification at a cellular level. Brown tourmaline is reputed to be an excellent grounding stone, emitting between 700-1500 negative ions per square centimeter when heated in a HealthyLine gemstone BioMat.

HealthyLIne is a direct-from-China manufacturer of quality gemstone BioMats we now have available to our clients. Direct-to-consumer pricing and attention to detail in construction is what makes HealthyLine the brand of BioMats we have chosen to carry. Their most innovative product is their SoftPad 055A-PH, a durable fabric BioMat constructed with 5 pounds of natural amethyst gemstones and 12 integral red light LED’s. This mat incorporates the best of all worlds: heat, light, far infrared, and negative ions. In traditional Chinese culture, amethyst is said to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, bringing a more profound physical and mental shift than other materials. Amethyst crystals drastically reduce energy consumption by 60% or more over traditional mats, due to their being an efficient superconductor of energy waves and other high-vibration frequencies. 

Regular use of amethyst BioMats has resulted in some fantastic results for sufferers of chronic conditions such as persistent Lyme Disease or other parasitical invasions. Others have found using the high heat setting on a BioMat allows them to experience a sauna-like effect, burning up to 900 calories per hour, aiding their weigh-loss efforts. Those sensitive to electro-magnetic fields and background radiation ever-present as electrical smog, enjoy the BioMat’s ability to counteract the effects of static electricity and EMF radiation, giving them a sense of well-being. Even a half-hour nap on a pad can provide benefits. Some have found when they allow access to their BioMats to their pets, even animals can feel the beneficial effects of a 15- to 20-minute session, when they turn it on for them.

Sleeping all night on a soft fabric amethyst BioMat is made possible by the low temperature setting and automatic shut-off feature of the HealthyLine SoftPad 055A-PH, which retails for $399. Some have described it as the ultimate in relaxation and restful sleep to enjoy their bedroom on the cool side while luxuriating in the toasty warmth of healing far infrared energy waves. It’s made it possible to wake up in the morning with reduced pain and stiffness while using no medication or ointments. 

Others keep their BIoMat with them at work during the day, draping it in their chair, having it at a low enough setting to do them good, while not making them perspire. Still others have reported taking it with them when they go to the dentist or for chemotherapy treatments, since its warming infrared rays help them relax and stay comfortably warm. Any way you use it, while riding in the car, sleeping with it at night or sitting on it during the day, you’re sure to reap a myriad of health benefits from your BioMat with regular use. Call Wrap Me Day Spa to enjoy your complimentary session on a HealthyLine BioMat and see what everybody’s talking about. Hours by appointment, call today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

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