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Red Light Therapy Pain Relief

Spectra Therapy

Red Light Therapy, first discovered in the 1970’s when NASA was researching what colors of light would grow plants in outer space, has proven to be one of the most beneficial applications of a natural therapy to date. Visible red light, in the range of 620-700nm penetrates soft tissue to a depth of

8-10mm and has proven useful for treating surface skin complaints such as wrinkles, age spots, broken capillaries, wounds, cuts and scars, trigger point and superficial infections. Invisible infrared light, at

24-hour relief available as you wear this RLT throughout the day

700nm-1200nm penetrates skin layers deeper, going as deep as 30-40mm at a wavelength of 950nm. This makes it an effective therapy for treating complaints with skin, connective tissue, bones, joints, and muscle tissue as it radiates healing and relaxing warmth deep in the body. Regular users of light therapy report consistent pain relief that is long-lasting and non-habit forming as are some prescription medicines. Natural modalities such as red light therapy are only contraindicated in those taking drugs that make them photosensitive. They are widely used, appropriate for all parts of the body, and highly effective with regular use. For questions about the red light therapy devices ($129-$399) Wrap Me Day Spa carries click here.

Red Light Therapy Laser Wrap has the potential to heal and treat all these challenges

Spectra-Therapy Laser Wrap is a wearable red-light laser wrap first utilized in the equine industry, with a history of demonstrating its healing power on horses and dogs. Trainers and jockeys knew a good thing when they saw it and begin applying it to their own wounds and sore places. Today, this amazing device is available for human use in four different configurations:


24”x2”-wide wrap

12”x2”-wide wrap

flat pad sized 12”x24”

conical wrap

The attached battery-powered impulse unit, no larger than the palm of your hand, is easily concealable under clothing as you wear this therapeutic device throughout the day. Two treatments daily are suggested, and the night-time setting

also allows use of this device while sleeping. Best results are obtained with consistent use and that’s why this professional model of delivering red light therapy is so effective when placed directly into the hands of the consumer. Each order includes your choice of one fiber-optics wrap, one impulse unit with charger, a carry bag, and complete instructions for optimal use. Purchase extra wrap configurations for interchangeable use. Experience the healing, comforting power of red light therapy with this amazing invention. ​​


Hand-held Red Light Therapy is available at Wrap Me Day Spa with the DPL LED.

Red Light Therapy rebuilds collagen and diminishes the appearance of facial wrinkles
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