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Enjoy a Fresh-Start Spring 2018

Spring is almost here! Doesn’t it give you a feeling of a fresh start when the weather changes and Nature begins to awaken from Her winter rest? Living closer to nature gives many people a feeling of well-being and good health. We could follow Mother Nature’s example this time of year with some healthy holistic living habits.

This time of year the birds are cleaning out last year’s nest and getting ready for new growth. After all, who wants to bring new life into messy surroundings? How are your surroundings? Some purging and cleaning out this time of year is natural; we even have a name for it, Spring Cleaning.

Plants dormant over the winter are putting forth new shoots and preparing to soak up the warming rays of sunshine to make some green growth. What’s your potential for personal growth and improvement for the year ahead? Making plans now, thinking about improving your diet, increasing your exercise or cleaning up your sleep hygiene can yield personal growth for 2018.

Throughout the centuries, different cultures have traditionally practiced a ritual Spring Detox with the changing of the seasons. Some benefits of this include increased energy, better mental clarity and the feeling of a fresh start and new beginning. Maybe with the beginning of the new year you made some resolutions for your good health; now is a good time to make a reassessment of those and tweak your plan to get back on track.

Healthy holistic living means you consider your body, your mind and your spirit when it comes to making health goals. It means looking at your eating habits, your sleeping habits and your exercise habits. You can't sit on a one-legged stool very well, and a two-legged stool isn't much better, but a three-legged stool will hold you up just fine. How are you doing with supporting your good health with a three-legged approach? Here are some examples to consider…

We can eat all the good food in the world, but if we’re not drinking enough pure water, maybe our digestion will still be sluggish. We can get adequate rest and exercise, but if we’re having personal relationship troubles, we could still feel exhausted and lacking enough energy to get through the day. What a drag! Sometimes Spring Cleaning means looking into all the corners of our life and doing a little clean sweeping. How can you make way for new personal growth, and remember those green plant shoots of Spring sometimes have to push their way through a lot of dirt.

No Spring Detox should be harsh or extreme, no matter what we’re cleaning up. Sometimes people think a purge is in order for Spring Cleaning your insides, but healthy holistic living means using gentle support and maintenance, not harsh laxatives (herbal or otherwise). All successful detox programs should nourish your body and nurture your soul while providing gentle support for your body to cleanse. Our bodies are amazing and will seek optimal health with even the least amount of support. What are you doing to support yours this Spring?

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